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My Fantasy Woman (not necessarly my expectation)

My Fantasy Woman:
- is cheerful in the morning
- effectively deals with problems and stress
- is flirtatious
- full of energy, but is not nervous
- enjoys walking in the woods, along the river, malls, museums etc.
- is affectionate, and enjoys holding hands, kissing, back rubs, and sex.
- can enjoy camping one weekend and enjoy a semi-formal dance the next weekend

Bad Habbits
My Fantasy Woman:
- does not smoke
- is not the daughter of an alcoholic father or mother.
- is a light drinker and does not get drunk except on rare occasions.
- does not use any restricted drugs

Intellectual Level
My Fantasy Woman:
-has a Bachelors Degree or 2 years experience managing three or more people.
-stimulates my mind both emotionally and intellectually.

My Fantasy Woman:
- should have respect for other peoples time and feelings
- should use the words "Please and Thankyou"
- should have good table manners, I am not interested in eating with the queen of England, however I want us to be comfortable at a formal dinner.

My Fantasy Woman:
- is normal weight.
- stands straight and does not appear tired when sitting.
- walks feet aligned, somewhat assured to confident.
- is 5'4" or taller.
- has dark hair that maybe short or long, but should accent her femininity.
- should generally be able to dress to go the grocery store or out for pizza in 15 minutes.
- has skin that tans well, but has not been over exposed to the sun.
....okay chemistry wins over what you look like every time.

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