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Successful, team-oriented professional with a keen business sense.  Strong communicator, able to interact with people at all levels, creating trusting relationships.  Skilled product line manager for customer premise modems and gateways, successfully generating $50 million in annual sales.  Accomplished sales engineer with responsibility for Cincinnati Bell, Hawaii Tel and Century Tel accounts.  Driven to comprehensively understand customer needs and to effectively convey needed information to company personnel.  Effective manager with experience directing a team of sixteen employees. Highly organized and attentive to detail.



Employment History

Westell Technologies       

·         Product Line Manager (CPE NAT Routers):  January, 2008 – April, 2009

Managed core router products generating $50 million in annual profit generating sales. These products are used extensively in the RBOC and IOC for customer premise demarcation and are remotely manageable by Telco management systems.  Created associated internal profitable business cases.  Worked with network engineers to explain our capabilities and advantages over prior art for delivering video, voice and over the internet. 


·         Sales Engineer: April, 2004 - April, 2009

Technical sales for all Westell IP products (Wired, Wireless and VoIP Routers)

Worked extensively with our customer’s network engineers to develop technical solutions that give them technical feature advantages over their competitors.  Created mobile laboratory for Texas Instrument’s engineers to troubleshoot compatibility issues with Telco facilities.  Trained professional installation technicians and call center technicians.  Created and implemented product show casing for trade shows that demonstrated product functionality.


Westell Technologies       

·         Technical Staff Member: April, 2002 – April, 2004

Responsible for design and support of Westell’s T1 and analog transmission legacy products.


·         Manager of Core Engineering: December, 2000 – April, 2002

Managed a design team of 4 engineers and 2 technicians.

Developed new, cost-effective designs, focusing on customer usability of the product.

Made adaptations to existing designs, greatly increasing yields of older products, reducing material costs and repair time, and improving on-time deliveries. Estimated cost savings this year: $100,000.

Worked closely with sales and marketing, providing customer training and support.

Provided support for approximately 250 products.


·         Manager of Field Engineering: April, 2000 – December, 2000

Provided technical support for Telco Access Products and ADSL modems.

Responsibilities included: system sales and support; competitive product assessment, comparison, compatibility and evaluation; customer application engineering; customer demonstrations and presentations; field trial planning and coordination; customer lab trial coordination; trade show support.

Efforts resulted in system product approvals at US West, Verizon Wireless, and Ameritech-SBC.


·         Manager of T1 Engineering: 1993 – April, 2000

Managed a team of 5 electronic design engineers and 3 Software Engineers.

Developed a new type of automatic protection switch for DS1 (1.544Mbit, T1) circuits for Ameritech and Southwestern Bell. This product increased profit margins for Westell while increasing service quality for Ameritech and Southwestern Bell.

Responsible for the design of maintenance cards that interface to NMA.

Responsible for the development of T1 Network Interface Units (NIU’s or SmartJacks) which were Westell’s largest revenue generator at the time.

Trained a number of Southwestern Bell personnel, from engineers to vice-presidential management. 

Hired and mentored 4 engineers that were later promoted into management.


·         Supervisor of T1 Transmission Engineering: 1989 – 1993

Responsible for the development of T1 line and office repeaters with remote transmission test capability.

Worked closely with the customer to insure that various cable impairments did not cause the repeaters to lose power.

Efforts resulted in Westell’s first million-dollar order.


Rockwell – Wescom

·         Product Manager, T1 Products: 1988 - 1989

Identified customer problems & incentives, and determined customer solutions and benefits.

Determined market size and R&D pay back period.

Generated product definitions and specifications.

Wrote product operation/installation guides.

Wrote production introduction data sheets and supervised initial field trials.

Provided technical support for new and old products.

Major accomplishment was introduction of 3192 STS T1 delivery system still being deployed today.


·         Engineering Supervisor: 1985 - 1988

Responsible for the design of Western Electric D4 compatible channel units and office repeaters.  Accountable for one of the first T1 repeaters to be deployed at the customer demarcation. 


·         Design Engineer: 1976 - 1985

Designed voice frequency modules for PLAR, DX, FXO, FXS, and SF applications.

Designed digital to analog channel units for similar applications.

Designed office repeaters with 260 volts DC-DC converters.

Designed Wescom’s first gate array of 900+ gates.  This gate array was into the mid 90s, and resulted in considerable cost savings while allowing the many products to fit within the required form factor.




Technical Expertise


·         Unlicensed Mobile Access Cellular, UMA

·         Internet routing and Voice of Internet Protocol, VoIP

·         All aspects of telecom digital transmission over copper wire, T1 and DSL

·         IP router functionality

·         Worked with SBC and designed T1 systems including Alarm modules with Transition Language 1 interface for Network Maintenance Analysis.

·         Designed cost-effective analog and digital circuits for T1, FXO, FXS, E&M, DX, and SF interfaces resulting in two US patents.



·         Prescription Attenuator - #4,354,159 - February, 1982

·         Subscriber Loop Current Regulator - #4,476,351 - March, 1983

·         Pending Application - In-home Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol Telephony Distribution - # 20060077968 - April, 2006



·         BS Electrical Engineering, 1976, Louisiana Tech, Ruston, Louisiana

·         US Citizen


Continuing Education

·         Various Webinars on VoIP 2004 to present

·         University of Wisconsin Project Scheduling – 1993

·         ORA - Management Development - May 1991

·         Supervisory Techniques and Methods - March, 1985

·         Motorola Technical Training for Macro Cell Array, - January 1984

·         Managing Your Professional Development - October, 1984

·         Conceptual Selling - October 1989

·         LSI Logic - Gate Array Design - October 1982